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Posted by: overlord pony Dec 1 2016, 09:44 PM
The time is upon us for the fall equinox, which means The Festival of Colors! Guaranteed to be just as gay as our characters. It takes place during the IC week of Mino 22 to Zhyshy 4. The actual equinox is on the third of Zhyshy, which is when the fashion show, body painting competition and dragon races take place. Depending on the amount of people in the battle for Zhni's Champion, the final battle will also take place on the equinox proper.

The Festival of Colors honors Zhni, the goddess of color who is credited with giving the fall foliage its color and also making fruits sweet. The equinox itself is a very big religious ceremony for those who follow the polytheistic religion, and offerings are made not only to Zhni, but to patron deities and Tiput. It is the official day of the harvest, so characters are welcome to leave campus to assist with harvesting food in their hometowns if they so wish.


There are quite a few IC contests that will be going on during this time! The ones we'll be formally roleplaying are: dragon racing, fashion show, body painting and the battles. There are also art shows for most any type of art -- sculptures, paintings, quilts, you name it -- that characters are welcome to participate in! If more than two or three characters are interested in entering one of these contests, feel free to bring it up to an admin and we may end up making it a proper competition for points.

For the first two weeks of December, there will be sign-ups for the IC contests, then we'll roleplay them in rapid fire threads. You'll get oolms for participating and oolms for placing! We'll figure out the exact mechanics of judging based off suggestions. :3

Dragon Race Sign-Up
Fashion Show Sign-Up
Melee Battle Sign-Up
Magic Battle Sign-Up
Mentor/Head Battle Sign-Up


We have a few activities in mind for OOC contests, but we're going to poll you guys to see which ones you'd be most interested in! Based on the results of the poll, we'll have contests for the things that are the most popular options!

Vote Here!


We also have our gift exchange that is going on until the end of the year, so be sure to sign up for that! Also still going on are our plants and animals lore suggestions and bad fanfiction contest, so be sure to submit some things there for oolms. :3

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