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Posted by: Javier Gnagare Feb 20 2016, 04:28 AM
It was early morning. As usual, Javier had trouble sleeping the night before. Constant spirits speaking to him at all volumes were hard to sleep through. When he was awake he could block them out more easily, but sleeping was a nightmare. So he had decided to give up on sleep for the night, and sit on the front steps to Lady’s office/their home as the sun rose. He carried his sword, which was disguised as a cane thanks to runes, as he walked. You never knew when it would be needed. And with Javier, it was needed often.

Time passed slowly. Eventually Javier’s “pet” rat, who Lady had named Sir Rat, hopped through the little mouse doors they had installed in all the doors of their home. As usual, he was wearing a little collar and bow tie that Javier had made himself. He always made small outfits for Sir Rat, and would change them at least once a week. Javier heard his little nails scraping across the ground, and he turned to pick him up.

With Sir Rat in his hands, Javier continued to watch as slowly the town began to wake up and begin its day. Occasionally someone would walk by Lady’s office on their way to work. Javier would make eye contact with each of them if they looked over at him, and would never be the first one to blink. The other person, would just start rushing to get out of his sight.

Eventually, Sir Rat got fidgety and began to pounce around the yard. Javier remained where he was, watching to make sure Sir Rat didn’t go too far. He was like an overprotective parent to his rat, making sure he was either in his sights or at least confirmed to be in the house.

That’s when someone else walked by. He spotted Sir Rat hopping around in the yard, and curled his lip at him. ”A rat?” He looked at Javier, and pointed as Sir Rat continued to gleefully roam the yard. ”You should probably take care of that before someone gets sick.”

Javier perked up, his mouth opening a bit from surprise. How dare he insult Sir Rat like that! If Javier were capable of intelligible speech, he would tell the man that he kept Sir Rat perfectly clean with daily baths. Well, that and if Javier wasn’t bat shit crazy, and would never actually tell someone that. He was always planning murder for this fellow.

Before the man could even leave Javier’s sight, he leaped up and raised his sword. He grabbed the man by his shoulder, pulling him to the side of the building. No one was in the immediate area, but even Javier knew to be careful when murdering someone. If he was caught, Lady would also get in trouble. Javier didn’t want that, partially because Lady was the only human he actually had any positive feelings for and partially because Lady would absolutely destroy him.

The man began to freak out, but Javier reached over and covered his mouth before he could scream. He reached up with his sword, and plunged the sword into his back, right where the heart was. But for Javier, that wasn’t quite enough to satisfy his anger for insulting Sir Rat. So as the man began to fall for the ground, he also swung the sword and decapitated his head.

Then it was once again quiet.

Javier stood there for a moment, blood on his hands and clothes. The man’s head rolled a couple inches away, and Javier watched as his blood began to soak into the ground. Then he realized he would need to call Lady to help him dispose of the body. Fuck, he sighed, leaning on his sword for a moment. Was she still asleep? Who knows, who cared. This was important.

He bent over and picked up the head, holding it under his arm. Then he grabbed one of the body’s arms, and quickly dragged it inside before someone could walk by. He left a trail of blood, but that was easier to explain than a body.

In the foyer, he dropped the body and head down and walked over to where the bell to call for Lady was. It was one of many connected throughout the whole building like servant bells, so he could easily contact Lady if he needed her, like right now. He pulled on the rope once, waited a second, then began to rapidly tug at the rope over and over to let Lady know he needed her attention as soon as possible.

Sir Rat scurried back inside, and investigated the body lying in the middle of the foyer. Javier shooed him away, and let out a guttural chuckle. Fuck off! I don’t want you getting sick from him. He mocked what the man had said earlier, about getting sick from Sir Rat. Get it? It’s fucking ironic.

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Posted by: Adelaide M. H. Lyndi Mar 4 2016, 10:00 PM
Lady never slept well, in the sense that Lady could not sleep when she wanted to.

She kept strange hours, working well into the wee hours of the morning on all manner of adorable stuffed animals. She liked to take care to make them as lifelike as possible. There was nothing more encouraging than a well made fox statue, of course. And imbuing the skins with necromancer magic could help it regain a lifelike quality it had long forgotten. She had finished the dear just as her body began to wilt. With an effort, she had stumbled up the stairs to her bedroom, opposite her housemate's. She wasn't too worried about waking him, as he had gone to sleep far before her.

She'd managed to slip out of her clothes before crawling into the covers and losing consciousness.

Lady often slept like the dead. Or, rather, like the dead did not. Because the dead were rarely sleeping these days. She had dealt with intruding spirits her whole life, a full-blooded necromancer of intense power was likely to attract them. They reached through the worlds as she slept. She'd found a rather brilliant solution, however, to the unwanted rabble: her former lovers occupied the forefront of her mind when she dreamed.

Their sad but reassuring faces kept her company. They were often angry, at first, or terrified when they joined the ranks, but it faded with time. As they understood her reasons better, they understood that she needed them with her in this way. This way, with their souls bound in place, with their spirits whispering in her ears, this way she could survive. There was always love, dripping from their pores and filling her up from her toes to the tiptop of her ears to her shining silver eyes. She could move through the world, push through the hellish call of wandering spirits and the other world's awful echoes with their support.

They were often angry, and sometimes they cried, but mostly, they loved her. As they should.

They couldn't stop loving her, after all, she'd stopped them before they could.

Lady knew Javier didn't have any such luck, and that his sleep was fitful compared to hers. While she slept happily, he tossed and turned all night. He often rose long before her, angry and irritated at the slightest thing.

She made an effort to raise his mood whenever he had a bad night, but Javier was so characteristically difficult.

The ringing of a bell opened Lady's eyes, halfway through the fourth REM cycle, like a well trained dog perking up at the slid of a key into its slot. Had Javier climbed the stairs and shaken his companion, he would have found it difficult to wake her. But Lady was always keen to the ring of the servant's bells.

They were a hold over from older times, older owners of their three story affair. She'd touched up the system, added new rooms, and instructed Javier to use them if it were an emergency. Then she'd forced herself to respond to them whenever they rang. It was difficult at first, but she could only do her best for her noble friend.

A little boy covered in blood, broken and battered on the street, bleeding out for all he was worth. She could feel his soul fluttering, detaching. She shivered. The feeling of it was one she knew well. She'd been a doctor for a long time and she couldn't save everyone. And of course, she loved to feel the soul as it slipped from the body of her lovers, choking gently in her loving wire-grip. Something about the way he felt to her, like a tingle down her spine, pooling somewhere in her back, a comforting hand perhaps, had led her to lend her aide.

Keep him from draining into the water and soil and becoming one with the earth. It was a dead useful encounter–she was glad she'd made her decision. He had grown into a splendid young man, though a little on the wild side. He assisted her in her practice, and in disposal when it was necessary.

Sadly, she thought, climbing from her bed, he is the one who kills the most. Even she couldn't go through lovers as fast as Javier could go through a tantrum.

Lady didn't bother with getting dressed. She slipped on a black silk robe, which would have been at her knees had she been a more compact woman, but rode up her thigh when caught on her generous hips. She tied the sash hastily and made her way down the stairs.

The smell of death brushed against her senses. Between the sterilized whiff of the doctor's office and the formaldehyde tang of the taxidermy study, the copper caress of blood in her foyer was easy to perceive.

Pausing at the base of the stairs to take in the headless corpse and its detached cap, she gave the silver haired man a long suffering glance.

"Javier, my love, there's a time and a place to dance with death, and it is sadly not in my foyer with my tightest weave rug."

Javier would not respond, of course, besides a gesture or two. Javier was mute, likely a structurally related condition rather than psychologically induced. She had checked, after all, if he had suffered brain damage in the fight she'd found him after.

Pulling the shoulder of the robe up a little higher so as not to expose herself, Lady held her hands out and gathered her magic for a powerful blood cleaning spell. They'd have to drain the actual corpse before she could work it into pieces and refrigerate before mulching, but she could clean the floor before it dried.

"Sachapụ," she intoned. As she neared the body, she brought her hands closer together, "Mechie na okpomọkụ."

The spell cauterized the flesh of the neck where it had been severed on both the head and the body. The smell of burning flesh wafted through the room gently before dissipating, almost like it had been an afterthought.

She patted Javier's arm. "Be a dear and help me move these to the practice, darling."

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Posted by: Javier Gnagare Jun 16 2016, 02:02 AM
Javier watched Lady as she came down the stairs, and folded his arms as he waited, almost as if smug with what he had done. When Lady chastised him for having the body just lying there on the rug, getting blood all over the rug, Javier couldn’t help but give a little huff. He lowered his arms, looked at the blood-soaked rug, and promptly flipped it off. He didn’t care about the rug. He knew Lady would clean it up with some magic.

And she did. She walked over to the body, clapping her hands and casting the spell. Javier crinkled his nose at the smell, though it didn’t bother him that much. By now, he was used to the smell of death and burning flesh. He could feel Sir Rat scurry into his hair, trying to hide from the smell. It was almost surprising how he wasn’t used to it by now. But then again, he was a rat. Maybe rats never got used to a smell like this?

Then Lady came over and put a hand on his arm, asking him to move the pieces. Javier sighed, acting as if it was a huge inconvenience. He already dragged the body through the yard and across the front room. But he still bent down, grabbing the body in one arm and the head in another. He placed the head in the crook of his armpit, and wrapped his arm around the torso just below the arms.

As he began to carry the body away, feet dragging on the ground, Sir Rat came back out from his hair and crawled around the body, sniffing and nibbling at the body. Javier shot his head at him, letting out a little hissing sound. Sir Rat understood, and spent the rest of the trip silently on Javier’s shoulder.

After dropping the body off, Javier went back to Lady. He put his hands on his stomach, and rubbed it to imply that he was hungry. Hopefully Lady would make some breakfast soon, or he’d start rummaging through the food supplies himself and that wouldn’t be good.
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Posted by: Adelaide M. H. Lyndi Jun 16 2016, 04:02 PM
ℒady ℒyndi ☆⌒(*^-°)v
Lady considered chiding Javier for the ungentlemanly use of his hands, especially considering the object he was gesturing towards was a vintage drow hair artifact from before the Dragon Era had even begun, but just sighed. It was far too early for such a game of tug-of-war. They could banter after breakfast, when they were both less likely to snap at each other and turn a friendly little push into a life-ending jab.

The little peek of a silver nose out of Javier's hair made Lady smile despite herself. She hadn't been enthused by the rat's presence at first, but he had grown on her, enough that she had dubbed him Sir Rat of the Rodent Order, Esq. so she would have something to call him besides "Javier's Rat" or "that Rat". Javier hadn't needed to name him; he didn't speak, and they had a way to communicate besides.

When Sir Rat took a few nibbles at the body she spoke, though she knew he wouldn't understand her: "Sir Rat, don't put that in your mouth, you've no idea where it's been. You'll break your fast with the rest of us, simply wait."

Javier gestured for the animal to leave it off, and he resumed his place on Javier's shoulder. It was honestly astonishing how well trained and smart that rodent was. She could see the appeal of him. She wouldn't necessarily call him her own, but she cared for him a bit in the way she cared for Javier. She even liked to dress him up, sometimes, when she was feeling playful, though she assumed he probably didn't enjoy that as much as she did.

When Javier came back and indicated his hunger, she agreed that the body could wait until after they'd eaten. She made her way back up the stairs, towards the kitchen on the second floor, considering what they could eat. She thought over the ingredients she knew they had and her current state of hunger.

"I think I'll cut some fruit for you and the small Sir to much on while I cook," she called back to her housemate. Glancing over her shoulder to take in his reaction, she asked, "What sort of meal would you like? Pancakes and eggs? Or I could make omelettes. There's also oatmeal, of course, and maybe some bacon? One, two, three or four?"

The numbers would make it easier for him to tell her what he wanted. "Five for something else, dear," she added, in case nothing appealed to him.

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Posted by: Javier Gnagare Feb 12 2017, 10:23 PM
Javier followed Lady up to the kitchen, reaching up and holding Sir Rat in his hands. He kept sniffing his fingers and licking them, and Javier would give him a quick smack on the head to get him to stop. Lady called from ahead, explaining how she could cut some fruit for him, and Javier motioned at her as if to say, See? Listen to the woman.

She spoke to Javier directly now, and began to offer different choices for breakfast. She was a good cook, and Javier wouldn’t of been afraid to tell her if he could. As she listed options, he could feel his mouth water and he licked his lips eagerly. He lifted up two fingers, long enough for Lady to see, and then lifted up two more. Two and four.

From his hand, Sir Rat laid down and wrapped his tail around Javier’s wrist. It was like he was satisfied with waiting for the fruit. Javier paused, and licked his lips. He skipped up the stairs to get closer to Lady, and made a noise similar to clearing his throat to get her attention. When she turned to see him, he raised a hand and signed: Fruit too. Yellow fruit. Share with rat.

Sharing food with Sir Rat was something Javier did often, because it wasn’t a big deal. Sir Rat didn’t make a big deal out of it, either. There was a time where Javier was eating a sandwich, and every time he brought it to his mouth Sir Rat would appear from his hair and take a nibble off. Especially at first, Lady was grossed out by it and didn’t like how casual Javier was about it. But like how she grew to love Sir Rat, she also grew used to how the two of them interacted.
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