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overlord pony a level 45 Centaur from Tatu

about us

Shadelings is an original fantasy roleplay that mainly follows the dragon riders currently enrolled in or teaching students of Evercrest Academy; however, you're welcome to make other characters to explore the world with. We were founded on June 2nd, 2013 by Pony and Alex. Our original estate was at neopets, but after the guild got deleted multiple times, we moved here to jcink. We are permanently here, although a neopets guild may spring up once again.

It's not easy to get into Evercrest Academy; many people train for their whole lives to be accepted into their ranks. They are the only place to be formally trained as a dragon rider in all of Alksheist, the world Shadelings takes place in. The opportunity to join the school's ranks only happens once every twelve years, and you get one shot in a lifetime to be accepted.

We have multiple species to choose from, along with classes, like the RPG mages, rogues and warriors, for your characters to belong to. We have a wide world which can be explored through Journeys, missions and characters not affiliated with Evercrest.

Evercrest is accepting students once again, but the newest students have more than a typical twelve-year curriculum ahead of them. The shadows of a hundred-year-old rebellion are stirring in the forests across Alluum, Evercrest's home country. People are disappearing and quiet whispers of a new necromancer rebellion are spreading across Alluum. Alluum's dragon force has the challenge of a lifetime ahead of them. The whole of Alksheist is at stake.

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