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overlord pony a level 45 Centaur from Tatu
alright, so since it's fun, we're going to have a word game in the cbox! there is one word that will show up yellow when you say it (like if you say pony, it comes up with the pretty eraser-colored letters). when the word is found, a new word is immediately placed.

the rules are as follows:
- everyone gets one hint. questions like "what is the word?" and similar inquiries are obviously not cool. the hints will be stored here
- every 24 hours, if the word you asked for the hint on is not found, you are welcome to ask for another hint.
- if i or another admin are not around, screenshot your thing, put it on tinypic and pm it to pony or another admin
- the word is always english
- it's always one word unless otherwise specified

the rewards are:
- 50 oolms for finding the word
- 200 oolms for using it in a sentence
- unless otherwise specified, if you find the word and then use it in a sentence, it is only 50 oolms

word #13;
it basically means "attempt at a compromise" [versias, 06.16.16 12am]
the first letter is "s" [scar, 06.16.16 12am]
ten letters [heather, 06.16.16 12am]

word #1 - flibbertigibbet (tori)
word #2 - vodka (heather)
word #3 - sauropod (versias)
word #4 - paraphernalia (tori)
word #5 - zygoma (versias)
word #6 - undress (versias)
word #7 - probe (heather)
word #8 - rhyparography (versias)
word #9 - mugwump (versias)
word #10 - fard (versias)
word #11 - tickety-boo (kitt)
word #12 - granodiorite (versias)
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