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 grande, lollipop l., a 54-year-old dwarf-skygge class head
versias a level 9000 dust cloud from Tatu
art by versias
54 years old

biologically 27



skygge-dwarf hybrid


class head


i have a heart, i have a soul

lollipop lucille grande

Lollipop Lucille Grande (grand-ay) is a short little hybrid, half-dwarf and half-skygge, standing at only four feet and eleven inches. She's built sturdy and stout with short, strong legs and thick arms. Lollipop is heavier than most Intermediaries, who are expected to be light and lithe to lessen the burden on their dragons, but she makes up for it with being short and agile. Lollipop is curvy, too, well-endowed in both hips and breasts. Under all that fluff, however, is rippling, steel-cord muscle. She detests weakness in all its forms, mental, physical, spiritual, it doesn't matter, so Lolly has trained herself up.

Lollipop's face is strong and square, full without being plump. Her wide nose sits well in the center of her face. She has an expressive mouth and round, blue eyes with the large pupils of the skygge. Lollipop's hair is a rustic, reddish brown. It has a strange cut: forehead bangs, bangs at the side of her face, and a long tail of hair at the back of her head. Some could describe it as a hime cut, grown out and choppy.

Lollipop's wardrobe consists mainly of tight-fitting clothes that she can move about in quickly. She tends to accessorize, however, with vests, jackets, leg warmers, and the all important scarf bearing the mark of her class. She has several tank tops with this symbol, as well, a whole set in different colors. Lollipop doesn't mind skirts, but doesn't usually wear them either way.

An important addition to her wardrobe is the patch proclaiming her to be a certified medic. It is a little white band that wraps around her other arm bands, one with a large red cross. Lolly is very proud of her accomplishment, and thus wears it nearly everywhere, with anything.

Despite her size, it's hard to miss Lollipop. She has a presence to her, an aura of "I'm here, don't look away, you'll miss something." Her forceful personality shines through in the confident tilt of her hips, her open body language, and her expressive face. Lollipop is a person who refuses to be ignored, and its quite obvious.

now i know what i must do > personality

BULLY [ - ] Lollipop can very much be a bully, though it's usually only to those who she knows can take her stuff and dish it back. Lolly hates anyone picking on the weak, and would prostrate herself in apology if she ever did it herself.

COMPETITIVE [ +/- ] Her drive is commendable, though it often comes out in the worst way. Lolly has the bad habit of making everything into a competition. She doesn't back down from a challenge, even if she knows that she's in over her head.

CONFRONTATIONAL [ +/- ] Lolly is not one to leave things the way they are if she thinks there's an issue. She's ready and willing to confront others about their actions and words. This can be a good thing, and it can be a very bad thing. While she's not one to let injustice slide, she also tends to get into a lot of fights. Which is, probably the intent. There's nothing Lolly likes more than whooping someone's ass.

ORGANIZED [ + ] Extremely. There's a reason Lolly is the head of the Intermediaries. Lolly has a near obsession with putting things to rights. She loves it when everything is in its proper place, and she gets pissed off when people mess with her stuff.

DEDICATED [ + ] Almost to a fault. Her work comes above anything else, even her health and relationships. If there is work to be done she will not rest. Lolly is famous for once doing an entire round in three days because she refused to sleep.

ENERGETIC [ + ] Lolly is simply very active. She doesn't sit still, she doesn't stay quiet, she is very much up and about. She's in-your-face. She's 110% no matter what.

can somebody tell, is it heaven or hell > skills

night vision, the natural asset of the skygge, comes in handy when flying missions or rounds–she and her dragon can fly all night without stopping and Lolly is no less useful at night than she is during the day. ability: [★★★★]

combat is not the domain of the intermediary. This makes it all the more impressive that Lolly is such a talented fighter. Grapples, submission holds, full on fisticuffs, even weapon-handling are all in her arsenal. As an intermediary, she often carries letter openers with her. For the purpose of making them effective weapons, she uses the old fashioned, sharp-edged blade kind. ability: [★★★★]

medic in a mundane way. Lollipop worked very hard to gain her certification, and she is currently attempting to become a full doctor. She wants to implement a more comprehensive first aid/first response course for the intermediaries, and she believes that she has to know the most and be the best so that she can teach it. ability: [★★★☆]

i fight and i yell, is it heaven or hell > history

cheval grande - father . dwarf . alive
morgana jamesson - mother . skygge . unknown

Lollipop has, in fact, been called Lollipop all her life. Her father came up with the name and he loved it as soon as he thought of it. Though her mother, reportedly, only called her Lucille. Lolly wouldn't know–she never met the woman in living memory. She and Cheval split shortly after Lolly's birth. From then on, she and her father had travelled together. First, they explored the lovely country they called home: Anbri. And by lovely, I mean volcanic, mountainous, dragon-infested hell-scape. Her father shortly grew tired of dodging dragons and leaping lava with a child, and they left for Alluum, her mother's home country.

A few decades after their arrival, Lolly decided her calling was to be a dragon rider. Not just any dragon rider, oh no. An intermediary. Their mission, their versatility, it all called to her. This was something she could do everyday and never grow bored of. It tickled her desire for order and justice. Not only would she connect people, she would act as a humanitarian! She could even meet and guide nobles! At only 35 years old, when she was little older than biological age of 17, the child made her way to the mountains and sought out the Academy, determined to join up.

After a flashy exam (she punched the eraser head for sleeping during her exam) in which she made it clear that she wanted to be an intermediary, no matter what, the previous head accepted her into his class. Apparently, though rough around the edges, her drive and desire for perfection spoke to her. Cassia was a good mentor who admired Lolly's dedication. Cassia's unfortunate death came shortly after Lolly made mentor. She was Cassia's pick to replace her, and Lolly, completely dedicated to her class, stepped up to the plate.

While Lolly's life was adventurous, in a way, it wasn't spectacular. The true fire came from her interactions with people. Her father, like she, had a fiery temper and a hair-trigger to let loose. In fact, Lolly suspects that this is why her mother left him, and maybe even why she left her with him. The shouting matches she and her father got into are legendary anywhere they spent more than the night.

It wasn't just her father, though. Lolly spent much of her life fighting off bullies, likely the reason she became one in the first place. Her name, for one, was the largest attractor of negative attention. Short as she was with a name like Grande? And the name Lollipop by itself was worthy of mockery. After that, little things followed: her weight, her shape, her face, her hair. She learned to fight back early–no one let up when you ignored them. To her, survival was punching first and reasoning later.

Lolly believes in being the best; she hates weakness. She hated how weak she was as a child. She trained her body and hardened her mind. Lolly is rock solid, or at least, she tells herself she is.

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