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 lyndi, adelaide m. h., a 38-year-old female necromancer
versias a level 9000 dust cloud from Tatu
AKA Lady M. H. Lyndi

38 (23)



altsof, alluum

doctor, jack-of-all-trades


Bad Guy™
i don't believe in fairy tales

adelaide mara harper lyndi

Lady, as Adelaide is known to most everyone who has known her for more than a few seconds, is a visually striking woman, for a few reasons. For one, Lady is only an inch shy of six feet and often makes up the difference with high heels or platform shoes. She is a deceptively slim woman, due in part to her height. In actuality, she has wide hips, strong, thick thighs, and long, toned legs. Her shoulders are broad. Her arms are wired with lean, powerful muscle. Her steady, precise hands are the tools of her trade, and she keeps her nails short and neat.

Lady's dark, flawless skin also draws many favorable eyes, especially since her head is devoid of any hair, save her eyebrows. She sculpts her brows to accentuate the sharp planes of her visage. Lady has large, full lips, a small, flat nose, and upturned, silver-gray eyes. She prefers dramatic and dynamic makeup, often to draw attention to her eyes, of which she is fairly proud.

Lady, as a necromancer who has lost her connection to her elemental magic, has a magically created tattoo wrapped around her neck. It resembles a blocky, stylistic chain in deep black ink. Lady doesn't dislike it, but there are many people who would find such a mark distasteful, to say the least. She tends to hide it beneath her clothes or, more fashionably, behind a golden brace necklace adorned with several chains. Not many question it–Lady's fashion sense is well-known among the community and it often dips into the absurd and outlandish. If Lady has never revealed her neck, well, no one has really noticed.

Lady's fashion sense is wild, tending towards lavish gowns and over-the-top accessories. She often wears full-length gowns or, more sparingly, suits. Lady gravitates towards darker colors, purples, grays, blacks, and deep reds. Occasionally, however, she will spring for a light colored outfit, if she feels the mood is right. For work, Lady doesn't hesitate to go with slacks and a dress shirt under her doctor's coat. When she is catering to one of her many hobbies, she will dress appropriately as well.

you be the beast and I'll be the beauty > personality

VICIOUS [ - ] As in, full of vice. Depraved, debauched, deviant. Lady is the immoral sort and her self control is tenuous at best. Lady could be described as a fan of vice--there's no sin Lady is not at least guilty of, if not completely drenched in. Gluttonous in her appetite for fine things, drinks, and foods. Prideful in her skills, her beauty, and her intelligence. Lustful and greedy. Wrathful, as any former lover of hers could attest. The only sin she doesn't indulge often is perhaps sloth, though she's not above being lazy for an afternoon.

FASHIONABLE [ + ] Lady's looks are important to her, and her sense of fashion is richly refined. She prefers elaborate outfits, dresses made of yards of fabric, with intricate designs or drapings. She loves jewelry, especially heavy pieces and eye catching colors. Lady's sense of aesthetics often guides what he does, even past the point of reason. Given the choice between form and function, she would almost certainly choose the former.

ROMANTIC [ +/- ] Adelaide is dangerously romantic, in more ways than one. She falls in and out of love easily, feels things very keenly, and is a surprisingly empathetic and intuitive person. She expects all things in life to have a purpose. Coincidences are not so, they are fate, and everyone has a destined partner just like everyone has a soulmate.

SELFISH [ - ] Adelaide's empathy is ruined only by her excessive egoism. Lady may be able to empathize with others but her care for herself fa exceeds any consideration she may have for other lives. Once Lady encounters a situation she believes can endanger herself or her way of life, she is willing do whatever it takes to preserve herself.

i want the love, the money, and the perfect ending > skills

[ magic ] Lady is a powerful mage and a focused and precise spell-caster.

[ necromancy ] Necromancy is the first and most powerful of any magic a necromancer taps into. Lady is capable of calling spirits into the physical realm and sustaining their presence there with her own energy. She can commune with spirits in their own realm and even reanimate the dead.

[ spoken magic ] Lady uses spoken magic to focus her necromancy. She is also adept at healing spells and uses them fairly often in her practice.

[ black magic ] Lady rarely uses curses or hexes, preferring to use her hands when she wishes to do harm. However, Lady has crossed the proverbial line by denying the natural processes of aging to her body, forcing her body to cut ties with its elemental roots and causing the black ink chain to appear around her neck.

[ doctor ] Lady is knowledgeable about the humanoid body and about the things that ail the body. She is a capable magic healer but also able to use more mundane means, if it comes to that. Along with doing her job, however, such specialized knowledge has made her a fairly decent killer. She tends to down her opponents with strikes to vital areas or joints.

[ weapons ] Lady uses a strong chain with a blade at the end as a weapon. Mostly, Lady prefers to use it as one would a garrote, to choke her opponents or victims after ambushing them. However, Lady is able to use it as a midrange weapon and can cause great harm with just the chain, not to mention the small blade at the end.

i wanna love you through the night > history

lucille lyndi - mother . necromancer . dead
richard cole lyndi - father . necromancer . dead
javier gnargare - housemate/???/important person . necromancer . alive

Adelaide Lyndi lost her parents early, maybe too early. Necromancers, like humans, never lived very long. Even worse, those necromancers who constantly walked in death, stared it in the face every day, could feel their deaths looming above them like an oncoming wall in a car whose brakes had never worked in the first place. Lady wasn't overly attached to her parents but she wasn't overly distant.

The impact of their deaths (illness, funny enough, it was no one's fault) was less about their loss, though that shook Lady. It was more about how close and powerful death could truly be. It could be so unexpected, sneaking up on you in the middle of the night. You couldn't say no. You couldn't prepare for it, not really. It struck her. Lady grew up with a healthy respect for death. She grew into, perhaps, an obsession as well. However, it was perfectly alright, because she was studying to be a doctor alongside her necromancy studies. She would help people stave off that hungry beast Death.

Lady moved away from her childhood home at a young age, but of course her parents spirits could still reach her. She continued her studies, and she took up hobbies to distract herself from the pull of the spirits. Her parents, who had been an appropriate distance from her in their lives, were now pressing too close for comfort. A family of necromancers had certainly drawn spirits, but that had always been her parents' domain, something she handled only in school. Now, it was like every spirit was following her around, leaching her energy from her. They haunted her dreams, people she'd never met clamoring for her attention.

Lady, shaky at best, sought the assistance of professionals, sometimes divines from Evercrest and sometimes just local exorcists. But temporary solutions were less valuable than real results to Lady, so she began to study magic in ernest along with her doctoral program. As a teenager, the weight of several spirits weighed heavily on her mind. Lady was stretched thin, balancing intense studies on top of a fragile mental constitution.

Lady suffered a series of setbacks, to say the least.

She easily fell in and out of love. Flighty, but at the same time, her love was real and deep and often painful. Rejections had her collapsed on her bed for days, sobbing uncontrollably and barely eating. Once recovered, she would plunge back into love, and often, back into despair. Lady managed to hold onto a few loves, but her fear of rejection led to a clingy nature that pushed people away and she was dumped often.

In her most dire hour, Lady fell in love with someone who loved her just as fiercely, and things began to look up. An elf, someone who most certainly wouldn't leave the world before she did. They pulled her out of her slump, dusted her off, and helped her get back into the swing of life. She completed her degree and opened a practice. At 23, Lady was engaged to be married.

And then the goddesses were apparently reminded that Lady Luck was not on Lady's side.

Her lover no longer loved her. Her lover wanted to leave her. Three years and a marriage in the works and it was just going to...end. To die.

Lady lost her mind.

Years of "people always leave, people always die" overwhelmed her. Lady didn't spiral so much as plunge straight into the depths of despair, hatred, and fear. A childhood obsession with death was rekindled, and her desperate need to be loved got wrapped up in her fervor. Lady was tired of losing. Tired of growing older and screaming into an uncaring void that threw nothing but hopelessness back at her. For once, Lady would no longer sacrifice herself. And if the dead insisted on loving her, then she would love Death.

Lady researched. Lady plotted. Lady made herself immortal.

Lady killed her lover. And they couldn't leave her anymore. They stayed, ephemeral, never-ending, trapped in love for her.

Lady wasn't satisfied. After so long, Lady needed more than just the love of one person.

Lady blossomed, Lady drew love and Lady loved in return. And Lady killed her lovers. And finally, Love really was eternal.

Lady currently lives in a beautiful little city, more of a town really, in a sleepy part of Alluum. It's close enough to a major city to benefit from the amenities of a metropolis yet far enough that town life is idyllic and peaceful. There's rarely an incident. More importantly, the people in such small towns tend to keep to their own and shun outsiders. Rumors may spread quickly, but they rarely reach foreign ears.

Lady runs a practice, the local doctor loved by the people of the town. Lady is also a taxidermist, a jeweler, and any number of small things. Lady is a posh, joyful, loving woman.

Lady is a serial killer.

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