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Posted by: overlord pony Sep 17 2014, 07:04 PM


These are newly-revised to help keep everything neat and tidy! Most of these are just normal, common sense rules, but there is important information -- like our word count, sexual content policy, and that good stuff -- in here, so it's best to read it so you're safe!

OOC rules

1. Many sites have fallen ill and died, and the most common illness and cause of death? Inactivity. With this in mind, we require that everyone is on at least three or four times a week to at least pop in. We understand that people have lives, and that you may be going on vacation or through a rough patch -- heck, we do too -- so please notify two admins by PM.

2. Another classic site disease is drama. This may not always cause death, but it can, and no one wants this site to die. In fact, we are all very against that. Drama is fabulous in roleplay. We thrive on in-character drama. But out of character? Drama is unwanted, and please keep it away from the forum. If you have to have a spat, keep it out of the forums/cbox/etc. and take it to PM. If things get out of hand, contact Pony, Robyn, Tori or Scarlet to help smooth it out. We're here for a reason. Please respect your fellow members (as well as everyone else-- you're representing us!). We are a family here.

3. We operate on ooc accounts and character accounts. All of your ooc conversations and character blurbs will all be posted by your ooc account, which you make upon joining. It is just simply what your alias is, please make it yourname all lowercase. Register characters as Firstname Lastname in correct caps; dragons will just be registered as their name correctly capped.

4. Avatars are to be 200x300. No smaller and no bigger. If you need help resizing, just mention it on the cbox or Discord server and an admin or member will help you! Feel free to PM an admin as well.

IC Rules

1. Shadelings prides itself on being a home for the literate and above roleplayers. While we understand that we are all human and therefore we all make mistakes, proper use of spelling and grammar is mandatory. We have all definitely had our fair share of typos, and we are lenient out of character, but we have standards for literacy. We also require that your roleplay posts are 251 words or more. Your roleplay partner needs to be able to reply.

2. There are two exceptions to the word count minimum: plot threads and threads marked with RF for rapid fire. Some plot threads are meant to simply move the plot along, and these do not need to meet the 251 word count. We still expect a certain amount of quality in the posts, though, and please don't reply to a five paragraph post with one sentence. Try to match post lengths, but don't stress out over getting the minimum words. As for rapid fire threads, just clearly mark them as such. If you would like a minimum or maximum reply amount, please discuss it with the people you're roleplaying with. In activity checks, rapid fire threads won't count for training.

3. Unfortunately, since we're not a premium forum, we can't allow smut roleplays. You're welcome to fade to black here and roleplay it elsewhere.

4. When it comes to violence, we are a-okay with that. We operate on a dice rolling system for plot-related, mission-related and Journey-related fights. If you have a fight your character is getting into and would like them to gain XP and it's not one of the previously-listed types of fights, just let an admin or mod know and we'll help with the dice rolling.

5. No powerplaying or godmodding. Keep everything within the realms of the world, and use your common sense, please.

Character Creation Rules
most of these can also be found on the application template; they are just here for ease of access!

1. No Mary-Sues or Gary-Lous.

2. We do not have a character limit; however, you're limited to making five characters when you join. For every thread you complete, you are able to make that many more characters.

3. For every three Evercrest-affiliated humanoids you make, you must make one dragon or dragon personality. This dragon can be fully fleshed out or just a personality. Dragon personalities will be eggs that hatch when their andzkin approaches them on their Journey and will be that character's class dragon.

4. Dragons can be substituted for other partner species, but you have to buy them from the shop with oolms. Before they're bonded, the person who bonds to them must also buy them from the shop.

5. When making your characters, you never get to choose their class. This is determined by the admins when reviewing your character's entrance exam. You can make a character that is obviously going to be an eraser or definitely shooting to be a warden, but this is not set in stone. For mentors, you may wish to fill out the character history including their time in the school! Be ready to change mentions of their class, however, should they not be accepted in that class. If you're worried about your character not fitting a certain class, or want to know what traits and abilities the heads look for, feel free to ask a mod, admin or whoever roleplays as that class's head!

6. Upon acceptance, characters will receive a certain amount of skill points. These go toward five categories: survival, combat, social, knowledge and constitution. Each of these main skills can be further subdivided into specializations, which also can receive points. Each class has their own set of specializations that your character automatically receives; otherwise, you'll need to buy them from the shop.

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