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Constance Dreamweaver level 1 Eraser class head
523 years
female [she / her]
from Alluum
Excuse me, can you tell me what was the thing you heard about me? Maybe that I


Constance is a lovely woman. Her skin is an abnormally-light shade. Her eyes are a honey color, although her right eye is somewhat duller and lazy due to a war injury. An easy smile is almost always on her lips, which are generally coated in semi-bright red. While she is short, standing a couple inches under five feet tall, she radiates confidence and enthusiasm, hardly able to contain her energy as she wanders about. Her ears are long and pierced several times. She has all sorts of odds and ends hanging from her ears, although the strangest is probably the key that goes through the cartilage of her left ear. Seeing Constance walk down the hall, no one would ever guess her occupation; instead they would likely question the motive behind her hair.

Constance has light brown, blonde-ish hair that is about mid-back in length. She does it up in all sorts of different ways, occasionally changing her hairstyle more than once a day. When she's on a mission, such niceties as hairspray and bobby pins are usually things she has to leave behind at Evercrest, and she resorts to simply keeping it loose or in a ponytail. Sometimes, disguises allow her to play with her hair as well.

Constance loves to be pretty. She enjoys wearing ball gowns and corsets, although she does have what she jokingly refers to as peasant clothing for missions. Constance loves to wear light colors, so most of the dresses she ambles around in are usually in paler shades. She also has darker colors and quite a few dresses that are the eraser black and magenta. Scarves, parasols and all sorts of wonderful accessories usually accompany whatever outfit Constance decides on. She wanders around aimlessly all day, asking people if they'd like to come to a tea party. (Except when she doesn't amble, and instead sits in the Penthouse sobbing.)

Even when she demonstrates swordsmanship, she wears swords. She feels like she needs to be able to fight in anything and she does like to show off to the students, no matter how much she denies it. She does take missions more seriously than anything around the school, so her normal mission attire, and occasional sparring attire, generally consists of a regular T-shirt, jeans and boots unless a disguise is in order. No matter what she is wearing, she always has at least her swords on her.

Around the school, Constance is known mainly for her melee skills. Most of the magic she does around the school happens to fall in the same category as parlor tricks, although she is much more powerful than that. Unlike with magic, Constance has never neglected to show off her sword fighting abilities. She has two rapiers, one smaller than the other, that she has had for centuries. The smallest sword is a pretty basic rapier with a silver hilt guard. The other has an archangel for the hilt guard with magenta musimite eyes. The archangel is broken almost in half and the hilt has a nasty white scar in it from where Constance lost her fingers.

Constance has a few scars, but the most obvious one is across her face. It's a single, jagged pink line marring her otherwise-beautiful complexion, going right across her right eye and leaving a bald spot in her eyebrow before it ends at her hairline. Her dragon, Casanova, and herself were able to heal the wound, but she can't see well out of her left eye due to the injury. It is lazy and appears a clouded compared to her other eye's vivid color. Constance also is missing her little finger and ring finger off of her right hand. Even though it's been centuries, she still feels like she has her missing fingers. She has various gunshot scars all over her body. The most prominent scar is one in the back of her right knee; she took a large caliber bullet to it and it shattered her kneecap. Despite magic and surgery done, she walks with a slight limp. It has a tendency to be very painful, especially on cold or rainy days, so she has painkillers for it and occasionally walks with a cane.

When Constance and Casanova first met, they were both marked with the nirvana rune, the rune that allows its owner to see into the future. Constance's rune is around her navel, the top triangle of the rune encircling it. She has been plagued with nightmares and hellish visions since she was marked with the rune. Visions are random, rare and can occur long before an event will happen, then Casanova will receive the same vision much closer to the event.

Constance has a tattoo of an albino archangel dragon on her back, it taking up her whole spine. It's in memory of all the albino archangels that have no place in Alksheist despite their beauty. The dragon's eyes are pieces of gray musimite that were inlaid into her skin.


MISCHIEVOUS [ + / - ] :: Constance lives up to her class' name of being a prankster and she loves to make people uncomfortable. Usually "making people uncomfortable" is in the form of sexual comments or advances. Even though they're in jest, she plays a pretty awkward role. She also has no problem with making a joke at her own or a friend's expense. Really, she enjoys making people uncomfortable or laugh.

PROMISCUOUS [ + / - ] :: Constance gets around. Or, rather, guys come to her. She's slept with quite a few of the male eraser mentors over the past few years. It's a good thing she's the only one that knows that she's married. Now with the impending death of her beloved husband, Constance is feeling bonecrushing guilt over having sex with so many guys behind her husband's back. Although it still doesn't stop her from sleeping with more.

ALCOHOLIC [ - ] :: Everyday starts and ends with a bottle of some kind of potent liquor for Constance. Elves are known to have a much higher alcohol tolerance than humans, but Constance takes it to a whole new level. She's usually at least buzzed throughout the majority of her day and some people are frequently astounded by the fact she can down several bottles of liquor a day without too much of a hangover. When she's upset, she drinks until she's completely wasted and then it's just not a fun time at all the next day.

SECRETIVE [ + / - ] :: Constance will purposely dodge questions she doesn't want to answer and doesn't enjoy talking about her past achievements or life. People do have a vague idea about how she grew up and what she has done, but her past still remains hazy to everyone but her and her sister.

HUMBLE [ + ] :: Constance never boasts about herself or her achievements. She always gives thanks where thanks is due and will always put in a good word for people who have helped her or her class in achieving something. Bragging about killing people just isn't her style.

ENTHUSIASTIC [ + ] :: Although recent events have somewhat put a damper on Constance's good attitude, she still has drugs to keep her happy. It's probably good that drugs are legal in Alluum, otherwise she'd never pass a drug test. Constance has always had a very energetic, optimistic outlook on things. When she's walking around the campus, she always looks like everyday is the best day ever and she enjoys talking to everyone in sight. Her attitude is naturally this obnoxious, but since her husband has fallen ill, she seeks her happiness through a cocaine-like drug called chak.

GUILTY [ - ] :: The worst part about being an eraser is killing people. Constance is haunted by those she has killed in her dreams thanks to her necromancer half. On top of that, with her husband's impending death, she's feeling increasing guilt over sleeping with so many guys over the years. It's almost debilitating to her and the overwhelming guilt she feels has lead her to drink more and do more drugs.

FRIENDLY [ + ] :: Constance has never met a stranger. She'll talk to anyone; she loves to talk to people. She also enjoys helping people if she is able to. She's always quick to compliment, quick to make you uncomfortable, and quick to either annoy you or become bffs.

ECCENTRIC [ + / - ] :: Anyone who sees Constance has no doubt in their mind that she's a few crayons short of a box. She's not stupid (although she's no genius), but there's definitely something off about her. She kills people, wears ball gowns and hops happily around asking people to tea. She might be classified as batshit crazy on Earth.

CAPABLE [ + ] :: Constance gets things done. She is pretty flexible and creative when it comes to missions and plans. On top of being one of the more powerful mages in Alluum, she also is proficient with shooting people and swords on top of doing a little bit of acting. She isn't the best shot or the best actress or the best mage, but all three of her abilities and her ability to adapt to new situations makes her a very dangerous assassin. She's not a class head for no reason.


elemental magic : Constance is a talented mage, and elemental magic is certainly one of her strong suits. Her affinity element is air, and from a young age she was able to quickly grasp the ability to use fire magic. In her time at Evercrest, she learned the art of water and earth magics. Now, she can use any of the elements without much effort; in fact, she can even use them all at once. Usually, she just uses her elemental magic to light candles in her house, but the most common use of her magic in her profession is to create a vacuum around a target and asphyxiate them before they see her.

spoken magic : Her favorite type of magic is spoken magic. She can do just about anything with it, and she really enjoys that fact. Despite all the destructive and wonderful things she can do with spoken magic, she usually just uses it to clean stains out of her carpet and organize files. Constance has the ability to command her magic using any language she desires, but she does usually use Polturranen to make double sure her spells work. She has very high magical endurance, and anything short of blowing up Hangman's Point doesn't really faze her.

natural magic : Since she's half necromancer, Constance has the hardest time connecting to her natural magic. As an eraser, she doesn't really need to use it either. She doesn't use it to fight with, usually, but when she does, it's generally coupled with elemental magic since the two are connected. The only thing she uses raw nature magic for is to grow her tea plants in her kitchen, and even it's only to make sure they're alive during the winter.

swordsmanship : Constance is incredibly talented with duel wielding rapiers, and she's truly a force to be reckoned with when she's fighting with them. She's also an excellent sword fighter with only a single sword, and she's also very good at fighting using both a sword and her cape. The cape is used to disarm her opponents and block attacks. She can also sword fight in a dress, which she takes a lot of pride from. Since she's not very strong, however, Constance usually keeps to small, thin blades like rapiers. Anything larger than a cutlass becomes difficult for her to fight with.

knife throwing : While she isn't necessarily the best at throwing knives, she has a good enough grasp to hit someone with the pointy end of the knife. She can only throw with her left hand, though, and since it isn't her naturally dominant hand, her aim isn't very good. She can at least hit the person she's aiming at, and that's good enough for her.

marksmanship : Constance grew up needing to hunt for food, so she was always okay at using a bow. Since coming to Evercrest and choosing the vegetarian path, however, her bow skills have gone unused. She can shoot something at close range, but her eyesight and lack of practice makes her useless at shooting something far away. She also carries twin Oudnian pistols on her whenever she can, and while she is better at them than at a bow, she is still restricted to close range shots because of her eyesight.

stealth : As an eraser, Constance needs to be sneaky. Her size is very helpful, and once she takes off her dress and lets down her hair, she can blend into the shadows almost as well as any skygge. She's also capable of creating an invisibility spell by bending light around her, which she uses when there is no alternate route to her targets.

thief : Constance is a thief, and incredibly good at it. When she was young, she was forced to steal food and water out of stores to survive. Despite having anything in the world she could ever want, Constance still keeps up her thieving ways to this day. Pickpocketing is an important part of some missions, and she is incredibly good at it. She is known to steal things out of museums for the fun of it as well, which has put her in the national spotlight more than once. (Sometimes, museums will even hire her to see how well their security systems work.)

dexterity : She's little and not very strong at all, but she can move out of the way. Also, she doesn't fight clean, elbowing someone in the face or bringing a knife to a fist fight isn't off limits to her. Her little tricks usually make up for the strength and defense she doesn't have.

seductive : She will find some way or another to get in your pants if she wants in them. It's pretty useful to her on missions, especially if she doesn't want to meet someone in combat, which she usually doesn't.


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