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 new year updates
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happy new year
Hello, friends! Chances are, if you're looking at this, you might be wondering what the heck happened to Shadelings. Is it still under revamp? Are we dead? Read on to find out.

We are still under revamp! 2017 was a rough year on the site and its members, but has been continuously worked on. Slowly, but continuously. While we initially hoped to roll out all our changes at the end of summer 2017, that obviously did not happen. A lot of the changes we're making are big and will be changing the application process and the way we handle characters on a global level.

Currently, Pony is coding a new skin and the newest updates to the site are being drafted up. We have everything written down mechanically, it's just now a matter of writing it down so you guys can understand what's going on. Once the change is made, all of our current characters will have to be re-evaluated. This does not mean you need to re-apply. It just means that each character will be looked over by admins and assigned certain things. This is a perfect time to revamp your characters! I know a lot of you are wanting to do that!

For those of you new around here who may be interested in joining, please feel free to join right up or ask us questions! We're active on our Discord server, and you're more than welcome to begin the character creation process even in this time of transition. We're going to have a lot of spots for top characters open, so be on the lookout for those after we do an activity check!

If you're wondering what the heck is changing that's taken so damn long, then read onward!


Shadelings is going to operate differently than it did before. There are a few large changes that will affect aspects of the site in some major ways.

Dragons. Dragons are, obviously, a central aspect of our roleplay. For those who are just skimming the site, our old method of dragon bonding involved members to make a dragon personality for every humanoid they made, and admins hand picked dragon-rider pairings by personality traits. Every pair was an andzkin pair, and every pair happened on the school grounds.

This is all changing.

Without spoiling too many secrets, dragons are now going to be full characters instead of just personalities. You'll get to pick their age, species, history -- all of it! Dragons will be treated more as humanoid characters -- as they should be in this setting. Dragons will be allowed to apply at Evercrest much as a humanoid character would. This is due to the next change:

Application Process. Both IC and OOC will have a change in the application process. IC-ly, the entrance exams will be held over the entire year -- 17 months -- instead of just a single week. Just like before, at the exams, class heads judge who is worthy of their class and invite them to join should they have or find a dragon companion.

Before, dragons and riders were paired at the end of the application and that was that. They were andzkin. Bam. Boom.
Only, that doesn't quite make sense. Andzkin are hard to find. Not everyone has one. They can happen with many creatures, not just dragons, across the land. So instead of the IC application process being to call or hatch a dragon, you now have to go out in the world with a mentor to find one. Have fun on your Journeys!

This will not only allow you to hang out in places all across Alksheist, but to also survey more than one dragon candidate (should that so be the case). We have a lot of problems with andzkin pairs falling apart just due to the nature of roleplaying sites, so this will hopefully be a user-friendly and fun way to fix our little issue!

The application process is also changing in OOC. When you apply with your character, you will give the character's entrance exam so we can assign a class when you're accepted. You will also receive a mentor assignment. You're definitely free to roleplay an entrance exam interaction with the class heads if you think something notable would happen, but the process before seemed to not be streamlined at all.

But there's another way the OOC application is changing, and that is:

Skill Points! We're excited to bring this feature to Shadelings since we've been tossing it around for awhile. Like Dungeons and Dragons, we will be assigning points to parent skills, which will further be divided into specializations. A more in-depth guide will be added about how this will work, but this is to give characters a tangible goal to aim for in their studies!

It will also apply to combat, which will also be handled using dice rolls. A guide about the new skills and combat systems will be put up sometime soon!

And, lastly and also related to OOC application changes, we have:

New Ranks! Before, we had only class heads, mentors and students. Now we will have class heads, mentors, graduating students, new students, applicants and partners. Class heads and mentors retain the same status as before, and nothing is changing with them. Graduating students are in their last year of study at Evercrest, and the more promising ones are to become mentors. Those who will become mentors are assigned an applicant, and they go with a pre-established mentor (likely their own) to assist the applicant in their Journey.

New students are simple enough. They've found a partner, andzkin or not, and have been fully accepted into Evercrest as a student. Applicants are characters who are on their Journey to find a partner, and will become new students after finding a partner. Partners are characters who are partnered with an Evercrest student, mentor or class head.


▻ We're going to be moving our application from posts to profile. This shouldn't be a huge jump, but just a heads up for everyone! This won't happen until the new skin is up and ready to go.

▻ Lore is always being expanded upon, but we're going to specifically be adding class culture information before the revamp is over. This applies to the new Journey system, so definitely keep an eye out for when that information drops!

▻ Speaking of lore, we're working on completely revamping country, humanoid race and dragon species lore. There is a lot of information that is unspoken or simply not written down for a lot of these things, so we're working on putting it in writing for everyone! It's unlikely that this will be finished by the time the "main revamp" is, but it's something to look forward to.

▻ Cellphones are now a thing. They don't work like they do on Earth, though, as they're connected only on a local network determined by the nearest large city. In Alluum, if you're on the side of the continent closest to Xidwin, you could only call people in Xidwin or use Xidwin's internet. People on Evercrest campus will only be able to communicate through phone with people on campus or in the southern half of Alluum. Letters and such are still the norm, but a lot of people have cellphones for instant communication with friends who live nearby.


I hope you guys are as excited for these changes as we are! When everything is implemented, we will be restarting roleplay, so it'll be a sort of new beginning for our characters, and also make it easier for any new people to pop right into roleplay!

Until next time,

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