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Posted by: Alistar Hund Nov 27 2016, 01:08 AM

It wasn't all that hard to figure out where Kuro's room was located within the vanguard tower. The little bird he had been taunting with Chak was easy enough to manipulate. Getting her high as a kite,few well placed words and she was leading straight to him,granted to her room first under the pretense of sex but he had no desire to facilitate that in any way.She giggled, her hands roaming lower than was comfortable with him, suppressing a sigh he gently settled them back around his waist and looked down at her glazed over eyes,smirking all the while. She would have no recollection of anything in the morning which was something he was ok with. He just needed an in and this little bird was filling the role perfectly.

Her breathy voice reached his ears and he blinked, only catching the last of what she was saying. "... And we can do things." His smile widen as she open the door and followed her in. She turned around her arms looping around his neck. "Well?" He chuckled " You should sleep, Little bird. You're going to have any early morning and you don't want to be late, it's going to be hard for you to function in the morning anyway." She pouted, her eyebrows knitting together. " but you said.." He picked her up cutting off her sentence, laying her in the bed and throwing the blanket over her. " I know what I said but believe me little bird, you'll thank me later." Spying a pen and a notepad, he wrote out in his scrawling script

" If you see this, you're likely extremely hungry. As hungry as you might be don't chow down like a starving wolf, you'll puke and that will ruin your day, I assume. Start out with water,little bird, not only will it kill some of those hunger pangs your experiencing but it's good to stay hydrated. Oh, and another thing don't let a silver tongue and nice body influence you to hit something you've never had before that's an idiot move. Nothing happened last night, I prefer men, you were a way in to the tower to find my current mark. no hard feelings, yeah? Have a nice day."

He turned and found her out cold. Shaking his head, he propped the notepad up where she would see it and left. Going down a flight of step, goddess he really hated steps, he made his way to Kuro's door. The lock picks came out then. He figured he might as well make use of last week's lesson, seeings as breaking down the door would ruin the element of stealth. Entering the room he quietly shut the door and took stock of his surroundings. What to take?

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Notes: See if you can tame the beast Kuro.

Posted by: Kuroko Alestere Nov 29 2016, 04:35 AM
There was a sense of relief to finally showering off and getting ready to study for the evening. Kuro ran through each of the lessons for the day, recounts of the forms for basic spear wielding and the previous rulers of the Zann empire. The water hit his face and drained away the tension from his shoulders until he felt too wasteful and wrapped up the shower. He pulled a towel up to his face through the steam then swiped it over his head several times over to dry what excess water was there. There were a million and one things he thought about thinking about, but these few moments were for being clean and getting clothes.

Kuro stopped in front of the bathroom mirror for a few seconds and scanned for his scissors. Glancing up to the half-opened reflection, his eyes stared back at him with an eeriness that never sat right with him. Other people’s eyes didn’t bother him like this. But apparently, not everyone thought they were unsettling the way he did. His thoughts danced back to that encounter with a hesitance that showed in his hand that froze near his face. Ever since then, he couldn’t shake the thought that someone had been watching him. Of course, he made sure there was a decent amount of space between him and everyone else as he walked through the halls. He’d walked back to his room a different way every day for the last ten days. Even still, when he glanced out windows it felt as if there was a movement in the corner of his eye he couldn’t quite catch. It was unsettling.

As if someone was listening to his thoughts for a cue, a noise came from outside his bathroom. It was slight but too unnerving in the moment to ignore. He wrapped his towel around his waist and slid against the door to slowly open it. His chest was tight and his brain raced to remember where he kept his knife, on the dresser closer to him. The seconds dragged as the door shifted open and his muscles coiled to spring at the weapon. But the moment he caught sight of the source of his anxiety, it almost felt like the wind had been knocked out of him.

“Alistar.” Kuro slightly raised an eyebrow to the man before him, the name hanging in the air with an echo that maybe only he heard. His company looked a little disheveled for making a visit to a dear friend though. And from the looks of how he was scanning the place, Kuro could only feel on edge at the surprise but Alistar was an eraser after all. The head had most certainly warned them to watch out, and he hadn’t heeded it to the fullest extent out of his lack of self-awareness. What a silly mistake.

“If only you’d given me warning, I could have prepared something. I’m barely decent.” The hairs on the back of his neck stood up and his voiced confidence definitely did not match his discomfort with being seen like this. His scars felt like they were burning him under each droplet of water that still clung to his body. Walking further into the room, the drow palmed his knife off the dresser and tilted his head to look at his company again.

“To what do I owe the... surprise of your appearance in my own quarters?” He drew his arm across his chest to pretend to massage his shoulder as he waited. Covering up like that did nothing, but he hadn’t quite thought through what to make of this situation.

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Posted by: Alistar Hund Dec 3 2016, 01:35 AM

With the first pass of the room he became aware that there was a knife on the nightstand and that Kuro himself was in the bathroom. Which meant that he would need to move fast if he was to get out before his mark noticed anything amiss. Silently, he moved across the room only to freeze when the bathroom door open and Kuro called out his name. He swore under his breath as he watched the man cross the room and grab the knife. His brow furrowed, did Kuro think that he was going to hurt him? He was aware that almost anything went as far as trying to steal from the Vanguards on both sides, but he wasn’t going to assault him. Breaking and entering was about as far as he was going to go. This was a game to him, nothing more, nothing less.

“I’m barely decent.”

He blinked, noticing for the first time that Kuro was only clad in a towel, water still clinging to his skin and then the scars that ran down his left arm and back. For a moment, he lost in his thoughts again, wondering if Kuro’s skin was as soft to the touch as he thought it was and if those scars offered a rough contrast. He was inclined to ask about them but stopped himself, scars were intimate in nature and, he, in no way wanted to cause Kuro to turn away.

He took a step forward, clasping his hands behind his back, mulling over his question. “Certainly, you are aware of the rivalry between our two classes.” A statement, not a question, the rivalry was well known throughout the school. His pace was slow, watching Kuro for any tensing of muscles, as he held his hands palm up to him a sign that he was not here with malicious intent. He did not need a knife in the gut. Hesitantly, he reached out to touch Kuro’s left shoulder. “I’m not here to hurt you. This is just a game Kuro, no bloodshed need be involved.”

His fingers trailed down his arm, lightly grasping Kuro’s wrist, flipping his hand over. With his other hand, he pried his fingers open and plucked the switchblade from his grasp. Alistar held the switchblade up at eye level. “I’m hurt that you would feel the need to even pick this up. However, I understand that you barely know me. With that being said do you really think that you could have downed me with this?” He smiled throwing the switchblade on the bed behind the man, mischievous glint filled his eyes as he returned his attention to his mark, and he pressed his body closer to Kuro’s. “Your eyes have much more of an effect on me than the threat of a knife in the gut, but if you wish to test the theory on if you could gain the upper hand in a fight against me, I’m not opposed to the idea." He leaned forward to whisper in his ear.

“ I dare you.”

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Notes: He dares you kuro. What ya gonna do?

Posted by: Kuroko Alestere Jan 13 2017, 01:34 AM
Every moment between them felt like a calculation. Well, every moment was, in a sense, but here the exchange of thoughts was tangible. Was this the concept of tension? Did that refer to two people who were constantly evaluating each other closely, minutely? Kuro felt himself getting distracted. Alistar was watching him, piercingly so, and each cooling droplet of water reminded him of the vulnerability of the situation. But the man tucked his hands behind his back and Kuro let out a small breath. He hadn’t realized he’d been holding it.

He tried to release the tension in his muscles as Alistar drew closer to him. The drow blinked slowly, cat-like, as if trying to establish a miniscule amount of trust that in this moment nothing would happen. Maybe he nodded, to acknowledge the statement that hadn’t been asked, this was a part of the game. Even when his eyes opened, he felt the contact before he saw it. The words almost felt chastising. Of course he was just another student and not even a complete stranger. This was part of what they were supposed to do. Kuro breathed out softly again, becoming more aware of the proximity Alistar had adopted.

Fingertips trailed down his arm, prickling and strange. Though Alistar’s fingertips logically couldn’t be burning, they felt like they left a mark that cooled. Like their last encounter, he was painfully aware that Alistar had initiated physical contact. A light grip, turning his hand up. His throat felt really dry. He was aware and Alistar was aware, but still he tensed as the blade was pried from his hand. Kuro’s lips stayed pursed as it was brought up to his face and suspended there. Looking at the hilt so close to his face triggered another wave of painfully harsh heartbeats in his chest. Could Alistar tell?

Alistar’s words started sounding nearly genuine but when his lips curled up at the end Kuro swallowed, hard. Face to face with him, he knew they were decently matched but Alistar surely had the upper hand. Despite their similar builds, every move of his betrayed stronger power than Kuro could hope to pull off. On the mention of movement, Kuro was unsure if he could with the distance between them shrinking every time he met Alistar’s eyes. His betrayed an expression that was matched by the next line he dropped.

Kuro wondered if now his eyes actually betrayed anything. What was there to betray? With Alistar being this close he probably already imagined the heartbeat in his chest. Was he scared? Probably not, just surprised by every move this man made with calculated confidence. He fluttered his eyelashes for a fraction of a second, maintaining eye contact was impossible especially with everything he said. But it didn’t matter because as his eyes closed, Alistar ducked closer and whispered, breath touching his ear and Kuro wasn’t sure if he suppressed the shiver.

”I dare you.” The drow swallowed softly and didn’t move but to angle his face toward Alistar’s as well, his chin almost grazing him.

“In that case, I can’t say no to a challenge.” Another quick breath and Kuro leaned back and pressed Alistar’s face toward him with two fingers. “I should clarify I didn’t mean to lay a finger on you. Just precautions.” A small smile pulled up the corner of his lips.

“I'm not opposed to that either though.” And he finally felt his chest loosen, he could do this too. “Did you happen to find anything worth stealing? I'm sure you did good work getting in here.” His eyes brightened a little, Kuro couldn't deny that he was quite enthralled with the idea of finding his way into the towers without detection. “I assume that was you lurking around at least once or twice in the last few days.”

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Posted by: Alistar Hund Feb 17 2017, 02:30 AM

He was drowning in those green depths flecked gold and purple as Kuro placed two fingers under his chin to get him to look at him. He couldn't say he minded in the least, he enjoyed the glances here and the hesitant touching. It was a push and pull he had forgotten about. When he was younger, when things were still a mystery to him, he would have blushed and turned away but now he was so much bolder. Most of the time if he wanted something he took it. Suave mannerism and a quick tongue made it easy to land himself in a bed of his choosing, the little bird asleep on the other floor was prove of that.

He wanted Kuro.

The observation itself didn't shock him. It was the fact that he was content to continue this push and pull. His world was fast paced,for the most part everything passed in a blur, beside his family he really didn't have relationships with anyone else. He knew of people,knew their names, and what they wanted in life but beside that he knew nothing else. He treated the world like a game of chess. Most people were categorized as pawns and the rest were ranked depending upon what they could do for him.

Kuro he had yet to place. He was a mark, yes, but Alistar had yet to figure out a way to exploit him and that was partly why this game ensued.The question became why did he choose to zero in on Kuro? While his body was a contributing factor, his quiet nature drew him to the man, but what really made him stop was the fact that he felt that Kuro was a intellectual equal.

These thoughts ran through his brain as he took a step away from the man, breaking eye contact. His brow furrowed as he looked around the room and the air became thick around them, as his gaze snapped back to Kuro's eyes. He realized he was giving to much of his emotions, his confusion, away and his facial features smoothed out, a smirk becoming firmly fixed in place. "That switchblade seems like a nice piece to have, you might wanna watch out for it, might not be on your nightstand the next time I decide to drop by."

He didn't mention how he got in or how much he had been watching the man as he went both his day, lurking wasn't the word Alistar would have used. With a chuckle he left the man standing there to get ready for their spar and made his way to the training room. Taking off his shirt in one smooth movement, he folded it and set it on the ground beside him. The feathers came out next, nimble fingers undoing the braid his hair had been in, to pluck them out and place them on his shirt before once again re-braiding his hair with his back facing the door.

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Notes: He wants to jump your bones kuro, but he wants to also figure out what makes you, you, before he does that. He doesn't know how to deal with that thought process or what it could possibly imply because he is an ass and has only dealt in one night stands. Run away Kuro.

Posted by: Kuroko Alestere Mar 13 2017, 03:04 AM
Perhaps he had been too bold, Alistar didn’t hesitate to maintain eye contact for painfully long seconds. Kuro was strangely enthralled too, he had not ever wanted someone to look at him. But there was something beautifully interesting about watching thoughts run through someone’s head as he could before him right now. It was okay that the looking became a bit more of an idle thing because the idea that someone would intently think about him was more alluring.

Alluring, that was a strange word for him to use. But that was a word he would attribute to Alistar. There was a comfort in the similarities of their drow heritage, the darkened skin with bright hair and even with light blue eyes, there was the deep flecks of purple in there that weren’t too different from his own. While objectively, all Alistar’s features were muted, it was difficult to call it that. Nothing about the man felt like it could be called less that attentive and alive. Even with softer colors and rounded cheeks and lips, his aura was sharp and crackling. Or perhaps, that’s just what Alistar had manufactured between them by withholding information and clear intentions.

When Alistar broke contact with a step back, Kuro had another moment to breathe normally. He wasn’t usually this worked up. But something about the denial of information here was making him more interested that he ought to be. But with a little space, he could see that Alistar was actually thinking almost hard about something, though it was his misery to guess what. Then again, why was he so invested. Kuro couldn’t really explain to himself in the moment why he had his thoughts tied up with this.

The moment of confusion seemed to pass as he commented on his switchblade. A small smirk, nearly grimace, crossed his face. Alistar hadn’t asked for a backstory, but the threat was almost welcome. This was the nature of their class rivalry anyhow. Smirk, it stayed at a smirk. Perhaps that was enough because Alistar silently moved away from him, heading out the door. Of course, he could presume he was heading to the training hall. With the absence of a body so close to his, Kuro found himself hyper aware of the cold clinging to his still bare skin. Some cotton pants and a shirt would do.

He braided his hair up, but kept his ceremonial feathers in his small satchel. Kuro quietly walked down the halls toward the hall. No one was around him, but he still felt himself holding his breath as if someone was watching him at every moment. Maybe the paranoia still had not worn off. However, he knew at the very least Alistar hadn’t been skulking around for him, because when he entered the gym his eyes were immediately drawn to the bare back of the man he’d faced shirtless a few mere minutes before.

The drow barely moved for a moment, taking in for the first time the intensely precise geometric tattoos and how they laced to his back. They were mesmerizing, moving with the muscles with a life of their own. Or perhaps, he wasn’t that muscular in a similar way to how Kuro’s body did not betray overy physical fitness. Was he looking for too much of himself in Alistar? Maybe. This whole interaction was full of uncertainty, a refreshingly new experience for Kuro as of late.

Slowly, Kuroko drew closer to his partner, in sparring at least. While his footsteps were near silent from practice, he didn’t act any further to quiet them as he got as close as he dared. He left his satchel on the floor, then hesitantly tugged his shirt over his head and folded it alongside the bag. Not that it was necessary at this point, the drow cleared his throat and looked upon Alistar with a half smile.

“You’re a more pleasant view here. What would you like the terms of this… bout, to be?”

@Alistar Hund . 668 words . kuro is thinking a lot about his body im just sayin also pls pm me if you can think of more for him to say or something bc kuro is an awkward shit SO this isn't even cute or clever lmao

Posted by: Alistar Hund May 29 2017, 04:54 AM

He hadn't heard him come up behind. The only thing that alerted him to his presence was the fact that kuro had cleared his throat, sneaky little lynx.“You’re a more pleasant view here. What would you like the terms of this… bout, to be?” Pivoting on his heel he turned and moved back into kuro's personal space. He wanted to push his little lynx's buttons. What would make him say no? What would make him uncomfortable? Everyone had a breaking point and while he didn't want to illicit anger, he wanted to learn what made kuro tick. He knew next to nothing about the man before him other than the fact that he like books.

Sparring was one way of doing things. It was his element. Riling someone up and getting in their head was the best part, watching as the wheels in their minds turned as they tried to gain the upper ground in verbal wordplay, only to then resort to blows. It made his blood sing. He had lost his fair share of fights and would likely lose more but he would always learn. A lose in a spar did not admit defeat. In fact, the way he saw it, his opponent was handing him the tools to take them down.

But was not a normal spar.His intent was not to crush his opponents will, rather to test it. His hands rested on kuro's hips and he gently tugged the man forward until their bodies were pressed together again.The man could easily escape his grasp if he wished but until then he was going to enjoy it. " Well, I'm glad you enjoy the view, I certainly enjoy mine." He took a deep breath and exhaled through his nose. " As for the rules of this bout.." He chuckled, sucking in his last breath through his teeth, to mimic a hiss. " Weapons of any sort may be used, however those that hold a keen edge may not strike, here...." His right hand skimmed up the man's body to rest over his heart. "here." Both hands came to rest on his throat, before capturing his face." Or the face, I would hate to mar such a handsome face." He leaned in, pressing their foreheads together, while his hands moved down the man' shoulders and arms to lightly grasp his wrists. " Personally, my little lynx, I find that weapons aren't really needed." He kicked his legs out from under him, falling with him, pinning his hands above his head and straddling his hips. He leaned forward resting his weight on his knees, while still lightly grasping the man's wrist. " Not when I have so much fun doing things this way. The spoils of war to the victor go. Don't worry though, we're not through yet. Your move."

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