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 marquis, caligula l., a 236-year-old male hybrid student
 Posted: Dec 21 2016, 04:22 AM
13 year-old Fluid Starshine from Alluum
" This Is Your World, You're The Creator, Find Freedom on This Canvas" -Bob Ross
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Xi Xur Xysef

YOU'RE FREE TO ADD AS MANY SECTIONS OVER HERE AS YOU LIKE! the ones listed *are* mandatory, though. if you want to add more, it alternates between class="g" and "y"; if you need help, just ask pony! (you can also delete this comment if you want)


He/Him [Your Highness, Sir, Baby]

Drow/Dwarf hybrid




Brendon Urie

All dressed up and naked

Caligula Lysander Marquis

Sort of colored ref

Side ref for his hair

His Gauntlets

Build: Something, somethings, about the way this mans face is structured, the way his slit pupiled eyes asses you makes you associate him with a wolf. He's not built like one, he's too thick around the chest, too wide at the shoulders. You can tell because he almost never wears a shirt. His arms are a bit longer than normal, it's actually pretty obvious. His chest isn't barreled but it is muscular, sitting above a pair of hips almost too narrow for his shoulders. His thighs are very muscular, leading to well defined calves and narrow, long feet. He is trim, even for as much food as he shovels down his gullet.

Decore: He is mostly Drow, with dreamy, almost grey grape skin scattered with silvery scars and bright gold and silver tattoos. A single strength rune tattooed stylishly on the back of his neck. His hair has been dyed to resemble the print of a wolfs pelt, except in gold and green. He has his eye teeth replaced with magically sealed Silver fang implants, The Hill is used. Small enough to not need too much energetic upkeep. He has a few scars, from blades and arrows alike. A few notable scars are on his ears. He once had three loops through his lobes, but they got torn out in a fight. His left ear, the tip, was nearly severed. He never got it stitched on so it healed at an awkward angle. He was knocked so hard in the head he fractured his orbit And woke up with a dropped pupil. The ring that holds the iris strands together broke at one point. The pupil cannot contract properly and the eye will be sensitive to light. He compensates for this by wearing tinted glasses in the day. A pair of Clawed leather Gauntlets. The right gauntlet is inscribed with Dragons fang and Crossing, both activated with a word.

Can we fast forward to you go down on me? > personality

Flirtatious- This man is unreserved in his sexual interests. If he finds you attractive, regardless of your gender or marital status, he will tell you so, and incite you to flirt back. He can be eloquent with his words, shamelessly so. Conversely, he respects the word no, and will not press a rejection immediately.

A moment you'll never remember, but a Night you'll never forget

Egotistical- Hes beautiful, and he knows it. The way his muscles ripple under his grey skin, the way his shaggy hair is shaved and falls around his shoulders. You want him in your bed, and he's ok with that. He won't drone on and on about it, but he will throw it in occasionally in an offhanded remark.

More to the point i need to show, how much i can come and go

Attractive- Not just his body, but theres something vital about the spirit of this man that makes you want to be around him and listen to him talk. He's outwardly calm but theres an undercurrent of boundless energy you want him to tap into so you can touch it, and you hear it in the way he talks. His eyes are always laughine, and you don't know the joke but you want to be in on it.

Champagne cocaine gasoline, and most things inbetween

Charming/Charismatic- That energy he has seeps out in the way he acts, the way he carries himself. Its a natural thing he does, its not something he can elevate or tone down. Even this being said he knows how to use this natural talent to his advantage.

I think of you from time to time, more than i though i would

Confident- He has no doubt of his skills. He is well versed in exactly what he can and cannot do. He is not likely to take on anything he knows he can't possibly achieve, but he's always looking to grow by trying new things.

Taking back The Crown, so close i can taste it, i see whats mine and take it

Daring- Knowing the limit of his abilities has its advantages. He can perform stunts that others wouldn't try, and he knows he could do, it makes him look like a total badass.

Far too young to die

Genuine- Actually, he's not really one to lie, even if it gets him in trouble. He hasn't found much fortune in lying yet, and will quickly fes up if he is caught in any wayward fib. He likes to show you who he really is, its kind of strange.

These words are knives and often leave scars

Hedonistic- Oh boy, does Cali love the finer thing in life. Good food, boy howdy does he love food. He could eat food all day, but eating food gets in the way of smiling at pretty ladies/handsome men, and he can't have that. He loves fine clothes and beautiful jewelry, though he wears so little of it himself.

Feels good, tastes good, must be mine. Living like a washed up celebrity, Shooting fireworks like its the fourth of July

Sarcastically optimistic- He's a ray of sunshine, most of the day. He doesn't have any expectations, actually, of how things turn out, so that way he'll always be surprised and never dissapointed.

Done my time and served my sentence, dress me up and watch me die

Relaxed- He is definitely not to first one to jump up in the morning. Not one to start any drama between people he does conversely find small ways to accentuate it. He isn't one to argue with others, and if its about sensitive subjects he'll flat drop it and walk away. He is also fond of drinking.

Who cares, divine intervention

Savage- The way he acts in battle, its, not normal. He fights literally tooth and claw. He is not shy about bloodshed, and will even seek it out. He is not above tearing out an opponents throat with his teeth, or causing a bit more suffering than there needs to be. One of the things he likes to do most is tear off an opponents arm and beat them with the severed limb.

Eyes like broken Christmas lights my touch is black and poisonous. 50 words for murder and i'm every one of them

Bohemian- He has a relaxed sense of life, of style and decorum. Often times he can be found without a shirt. Fond of the air on his bare skin, he is just as comfortable in nature as he is in the city. He is some strange mix of the two, and is perfectly content with it.

Just a guy in a chiffon skirt, but i make these high heels work

I taste like magic, ways to swallow quick and deep. > skills

Quick Reflexes/Flexibility- For his build he is surprisingly agile, being able to bend and flex in ways people find strange. He was born 'Double Jointed' contortions coming easily to him. Splits? Easy peasy. Touching his heels to his head, you betcha. Strength Rune- He is built strong to begin with, yes, but why not accentuate a good thing? Without it he couldn't have as much fun.

Silver Fang Implants- Inscribed with The Hill, they do not tarnish in his mouth. He uses them in combat, usually in a tearing manner.

Clawed Gauntlets- His most prized possession, he sports two flexible leather gauntlets capped with metal claws studded into the deep leather of the fingers. They're well crafted, by a skilled leather worker. This was the most money he had ever spent on one item that he did not steal back the next night. Knowledge of his limits- Knowing what he can and can't do surely makes him stronger for it.

Heroes always get remembered, but, you know, legends never die > history

Mirrim Marquis - Mother . Hybrid . unknown
Barbas Marquis - Father . Drow . unknown

Illegitimate child of a Marquess and her stable hand, he was shipped to an orphanage in not the most savory part of the city of Xidwin. He grew up amongst the urchins and orphans, learning the rules of the streets. He grew up to be a bit bigger than the others, taller and stronger. They used this to get to higher places, and for piggyback rides.

A few years after he hit maturity the orphanage was closed for health violations, and the urchins split up to other houses. He didn't stay to be reassigned. He and three other orphans Pan and Angelica decided to go out on their own. Angelica was a human elf hybrid, a tan, blonde haired girl with a level head and a heart too big for her head. Pan and Cali were constantly pulling her out of situations where she was getting taken advantage of. Pan on the other hand was a no nonsense kind of guy, determined and straightforward. He was a calm and patient human, especially with his friends.

They set up shoppe in a nearby slum, and decided to pull cons. Little did they know a Thieves guild was watching them. They set up a small operation selling fake watches and jewelry.

Angelica would sell it, and Pan would follow them if they had enough money. He and Cali would later force their way into the house and steal several small things. They then, unwittingly, sold them to the local thieves guilds fence, who fed the guild information. One day the guild had had enough of them, and raided the shack they called home. They were captured, beaten and starved for a week. When they were finally fed they were told that they had to join, or they'd die. Pan agreed immediately, but Caligula only agreed after Angelica did. It was all or nothing for him.

They joined, and were given the usual harsh initiation. Pan was knocked bad in the head, and wasn't the same after. He lost his temper a lot, stopped eating and would mumble to himself. Angelica took to caring for him, and he felt something more. He knew she loved Pan, with all of her heart, but Pan didn't love her like that. Caligula, Pantasm, and Angelicimo were the three musketeers, beyond siblings. Pan couldn't see her as anything else.

Pan got mean, and got mean fast. He snapped and cuffed and bullied his way up, and drug the other two up by association. Cali contributed his strength, and Angie her sensibility, but they all knew Pan was the motivator. He impressed the boss by showing initiative, leadership skills. But the others knew he was a bully. Caligula waited until he knew Pan wouldn't change.

Cali met him outside the compound, fully armed for battle. He had his dagger and his small wrist shield, waiting for him. Pan saw him and laughed. Pan was not a thin human, his new ways of being a bully having put muscle on him. Cali told him he needed to stop, and Pan lunged. The fight was a blur of fists and daggers, snarls and taunts. But it was soon over. Caligula stood over Pan, panting, covered in small cuts and gouges. Pan lay face down, gurgling in his own blood. The point of Cali's dagger poked shyly out of the back of Pans neck.

Behind him he heard a slow clapping, and turned to see the Guildmaster, Viper. The Elf was grinning evilly as he approached. He announced that Caligula had done well, and would be trained by some of the higher up thieves. Caligula knew, that to refuse was to die. He agreed, and drug Pans corpse away to prepare it for burial. That was his first kill.

Angelica was devastated, especially when Cali told her that he did it. She couldn't look at him for a month, delving deeper into what little healing arts she could learn from the others. Mostly poisons and things like that, but she did learn healing. Caligula kept the dagger he killed his best friend with and used it on every mission he knew he had to kill on.

Cali Worked his way up in the ranks of the little thieves guild, maybe made of a hundred people. He was sure to express that Angelica was not to be trifled with, that she was his and no one else's. She denied it, but it was the only way to keep her safe. She still mourned Pan, and wouldn't dare sleep with anyone. So so he kept her safe, and even if he killed the one person that meant the world to her he couldn't let her go, because he loved her.

He was making quite a bit of coin being one of the top twelve, and since he didn't have much to want for, he had quite a bit saved up. So upon coming across a Smith's stall he saw a pair of clawed gauntlets, made of deep, hard leather. He was delighted, and requisitioned a pair to be made for him. He handed the Smith his Dagger, and told him to use that steel.

When the gauntlets were finished he took them to the guilds Enchanter. He paid her for two runes, Dragons Fang, and Crossing. She pressed them into the leather, enchanting only the right one. Because, come on, he wasn't made of money. Well, his abs were gold but thats beside the point. She had company, a rather strange Wizard from Anbri who claimed to be a dentist. Not many people like dentistry, but Caligula wasn't scared.

He had a few more Oolms, and decided to get some work done. The negotiations took almost a month, but soon Cali was staring at four silver fangs, each inscribed with The Hill, waiting to be shoved and screwed into his jaw. He was injected with a large dose of recreational drugs that numbed him into a catatonic state. The surgery lasted almost sixteen hours, but when he awoke he had four, pretty silver fangs.

His mouth hurt like hell, and he was on painkillers for the next several months, A still distant Angelica plying him with what healing herbs she could muster. She hadn't forgiven him for Pans death, but she still loved him like a brother. He healed slowly, and the top two developed bone spurs that cut his lip when he spoke exuberantly or quickly. He learned the supplements Angelica gave him, and purchased more on the side.

Viper came into the common area one night and told them all they would be pulling a heist in the next town, and to pack their things. He handed his lieutenant a list, and walked out. It was a list of names, names of people who were required to come. Both Angelica and Cali were on it.

Truly Cali was less than thrilled, and made it known. Viper laughed him out of his study and slammed the door, resigning Caligula to preparing for his journey.

He packed only what was needed, a few thrown daggers, some of the coin he hadn't stashed away, a change of pants, his stealth outfit. Angelica.

She was scared beyond explanation, he could see the look on her face. For the first time since Pans death, she actually looked at him. It would be three days before they left, and those last three they spent together, again. She told him how much she liked to make poisons, how interesting plants were. She told him she wanted to leave, and go to Evercrest. She wanted to be a Warden, and ride a great, beautiful Eodai, more than anything in the world.

Caligula had seen the Riders from the academy in the sky, the small town they lived was only a couple months by decent carriage to the roots of Floyd peak. He didn't put much stock in them, bar the few he'd seen. Massive dragons landing in the fields, coated head to toe in spikes, gnarly looking. They were not with whom to fuck. He respected them, but he didn't think they were all that important.

He promised her that as soon as they could be free of the guild that he would take her there personally, and help her rehearse for her Exam. When she saw the sincerity in his eyes, she finally opened the floodgates. Almost a year of represses anger and sadness rushed out at once, one minute she clung to him and the next she beat him about the chest and shoulders. She let out the repressed emotions and lay spent in his arms, empty but content.

They left For the next town over with the rest, the smiles on their faces lighter than ever. This was the best things had been since Pans death.

They stayed at and inn, actually under one. Viper laid out the plan. They were going to take the wealthiest merchants daughter hostage, and ransom her for a handsome sum. He and his lieutenant would spearhead the operation, going over the wall of the estate and letting the others in. The others, not including Angie (she and two others would stay at the inn and wait for wounded) would filter in and neutralize any private muscle. They would drug and kidnap the girl, and leave a vaguely worded note. Bada Bing bada boom, merchant leaves money at designated location, daughter is sent back safely. Easy money.

Not exactly. When they got there there was way more muscle than first predicted, well armed muscle. Viper pushed in anyway, killing two unsuspecting guards and opening the wall door. The nine members of the guild slipped in, and began the process of clearing their way.

Viper was very surprised when he saw who was waiting for him. So evidently Viper had a rival in another thieves guild a few towns away, and this was their territory. He had gotten wind of vipers little scheme and set a trap.

Caligula knew he was in trouble, but his only worry was for Angie back at the inn. Viper and this guy, Malik, had their dialog, even if they both knew Viper was caught with his pants down, and Caligula was soon tired of the entire schpeal. Before any of the other lackeys, on either side, could react Caligula flicked a dagger right into Malik's Adams Apple, effectively silencing him.

Malik's lieutenant ordered them all killed, and chaos ensued. Vipers guys ran and fought in turns, and men and women fell on both sides. The two of them made it to the outer wall, whereViper got an arrow in his lung. Straight through the back. Caligula had the respect to drag him behind a tree and listen as he drown in his own blood.

Cali took what was valuable, a few daggers, a silver chain, and some coin, then he booked it for the inn. He found it on fire, the owners crying in panic. He stood beside them, numb, watching what he knew was his best friend go up in flames. He heard the rustling of armor and knew it was the town guard.

Running, stopping only to sleep, he made his way back to the hideout. It had been attacked, but one of the higher-ups had defended the place. Caligula showed him Vipers chain, and told them he was not affiliated with the guild anymore. By Guild law, he was leader now, but he just wanted the loot from Vipers stash and to go.

He hawked the loot and bought a carriage to Floyd peak. Angelica's dream was to attend Evercrest, and he would live that dream for her.
 Posted: Jan 24 2017, 12:07 PM
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pan demiace/aro


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